Sandie Veloso | Scoutt Destinations
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Scoutt Destinations

About This Project

Scoutt is tourist marketplace and a curator. We travel every destination and rank them as our top 7. Designed to narrow every travel destination and rank them as our Top 7, Scoutt enables every traveller to spend less time researching for the best spots as we have already done the liberty of doing it for them. Scout also bridged the gap between a traveller and a tour guide, from picking the destination of your choice to getting your local travel buddy. Whether it’s deciding what to do, where to go, or knowing how to go there, Scoutt is your answer.


Scoutt parent company is Priume which specialise on Marketplace platform. Priume has two Brands at the moment Priume Marketplace and Scoutt Destinations. We love to travel, dog, beach, nature, outdoor activity and food. What the company believe is preserve nature for the next generation and do what is valuable. Meaning every we do is for the greater good of others and a better world.


28 Febuary

Founder, Start-up, Travel