Sandie Veloso | Priume Marketplace
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Priume Marketplace

About This Project

A marketplace for retail and PRO retail to revolutionise the industry and help them compete with the international online retail giants and their AI driven Staffless Retail Technology by rethinking how retailers set up their online presence.


The problem I am solving is how to disrupt the online retails business model and their STAFFLESS RETAIL TECHNOLOGY like Amazon Go from Amazon and Tao Cafe from Alibaba so that physical retailers will continue to strive.


What makes us difference between Amazon. Ebay and Alibaba. is We are not an online retailers. We are an E-commerce platform for Retails and Pro Retails. We only provide an alternative solution for retailers to compete with the biggest online retailers in the world without falling into their trap. I call it the money pit or double listing. By Rethinking how companies set up their online stores and hopefully revolutionise the retail industry.


April 15, 2017

Founder, Start-up