Sandie Veloso | Loc8
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February 02, 2016

Mobile, UX Manager
About This Project

Is an outstanding application that was created for small, medium and large businesses to help them manage their assets, facilities, maintenance and field staff. With integrated invoicing, quoting, defect management and class leading online/offline mobile applications, Loc8 helps companies automate process, maximise asset value, stay on top of maintenance and ultimately improve customer service. Companies from all around the globe and from various industries use Loc8 on a daily basis. Robust and highly scalable, Loc8 is the solution to implement for efficient and profitable business operations.


My responsibilities as a UX Manager of this company is to Develop User Experience (UE) small basic customer up large enterprise client along with applications, systems and interfaces for our clients use. Develop effective and well-branded user experience throughout multiple application, Web and Mobile. Responsible for designing protype and solutions for a better product user experience. Prepare strategic decisions as well as trade-offs based on project priority. Lead collaboration through online and offline product, marketing and operations. Provide design pathway for new technologies. Translate some team’s work into functionality, features and content. Manage teams of user experience designers and editors, researchers, interaction designers and developers etc.. Ensure to prioritize User-Centered Design projects, improvements and content as per enterprise priorities as well as Experience Systems.