Sandie Veloso | IO Geni
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IO Geni

About This Project

ioGeni was a competitor of Wemo, Nest , LIFX, Phillips Hue. When the CEO fail to raised fund to continue the project. I was the creative director for this startup. My main role was Translate some team’s work into functionality, features and content. Manage teams of user experience designers and editors, researchers, interaction designers and developers etc. Recommend best approaches for implementation of user experience. Collaborate with various teams to design end-to-end chain of services, systems and human interactions. Prepare strategies and implement plans for cross-channel to assist customer-facing self service. Create presentation of growth for our board of directors. Identify improvement areas plus prospective competitive advantage for advanced research as well as exploration. Identify and manage required budgets for user experience. Ensure the continues growth of our user base.

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January 01, 2015

Creative Director, Start-up